Concentrations: /ˌkän(t)-sən-ˈtrā-shən,-ˌsen-/

1  the act or action of concentrating
 a directing of the attention or of the mental faculties toward a single object, exclusive attention to one objectclose mental application.
3 : something concentrated: a concentration of stars.
 the relative content of a component (as dissolved or dispersed material) of a solution, mixture, or dispersion that may be expressed in percentage by weight or by volume, in parts per million, or in grams per liter: use when refering to the amount of color, color is linked to the concentration of a substance in a solution or dispersions of pigments at various levels in various carriers.
the focusing of a student's academic program on advanced study in a specific subject or field.
courtesy of dictionary.com 

My Definition:
Concentrations is the act of concentrating on communication as clearly and effectivly as possible. It is determining the needs of my client. Although, there are many solutions to any given problem, I try to identify with the audience of my work to select the best solution. In my design, I concentrate on useability and ease of finding pertinant information.

Concentrations is applying over 10 years of creative graphics experience to every design. It is the result of composition, color, research, design, organization, and focus. 

Currently, I concentrate my time as a freelance graphic designer and artist. Previously, I worked at LTD Commodities designing emails, web graphics, social graphics, coding in html and css, and handling the CMS. I have worked as Creative Coordinator for Pekin Insurance, Marketing and Administrative Assistant for Mast Vacation Partners and held an internship at Canal Corridor Association. 

My concentrations in college were graphic design and printmaking. I went to Bradley University and achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. On the journey toward this achievement I stopped at the Art Institute of Chicago, where my background in understanding the elements of composition were solidified, and at Illinois Central College, where I laid the foundation for my future studies.

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